Radio Play and Chart Music

Crepes, JJJ Rotation

Magic America - National Radio Play, JJJ Play

Redspencer - JJJ Rotation 

Tourist Dollars - JJJ Rotation

Dumb Blondes JJJ Rotation

The Valley Floor JJJ Rotation

Dracula Palms  - JJJ Rotation

Casey Barnes “Never Break You”– # 6 on the ARIA charts, #1 AIR Charts, Major Radio Ad Television Play

Dolphins  “Mission” and “Girl” - JJJ, FBI Rotation, RRR, Sync Shweppes Sync

Elke “Up Against the Fire” and “Grim Parade” - JJJ, Radio 1 UK, RRR, Sync Various Ads

Delta Riggs – JJJ Rotation

Harry Heart Chrysalis “You are not a Rarity” – JJJ Rotation

Latest Works

Ben Wright Smith “Psychotropical” (P/E/M)

Delta Riggs “Don’t You Frown” (E) 

Delta Riggs “Out Of Place” (E) 

Dan Sultan “Ranger To Ranger” SoundTrack (P/E/M) 

Amy Shark “Mess Her Up” Acoustic (P/E/M/G) 

Performed with Amy Shark:

JJJ Like a Version (Musical Director and Guitar) 

MTV Unplugged (Guitar, Bass, Acoustic) 

ARIAS (Guitar) 

Nova Red Room (Guitar)


M = Mixed 

E = Engineered

P = Produced 

G = Guitar